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No Contact Rule And Male Psychology

They say, “Man responds to no contact.” It is tough not to reach out when you are really in love. But as women, we are not chasing. There is something you need to know after you cut off all the connections. It’s an explosive combination when you combine a no-contact rule and male psychology. Experts highly recommend following the no-contact rule after the breakup, especially when you want to get back with your ex. 

But what happens when you go no contact, and why does it always work on men? This is something we are going to discuss today. 

What is No-Contact Rule 

Following the no-contact rule, you consciously cut off all connections with your ex or the person you want to move on from. You do not communicate with them through text, phone calls, and social media. It is like cutting all the ties with them. Remember, no stalking as well! 

This must continue for 3 weeks to 60 days. In some cases, the no-contact rule will continue indefinitely. You do not need a toxic person who makes you cry. You are not an onion! 

If you follow a no-contact rule properly, it can help you move past the breakup and overcome the trauma and the urge to reach out to them. Most importantly, you break the negative patterns that prevent you from rationalizing and gaining a clear perspective on the breakup when you stop communication with the person who keeps you on high and low emotions. 

You can end the no-contact rule if you think you are ready to speak with them clearly and communicate your demands in the relationship. 

You should continue the no-contact method to get rid of your toxic ex. 

(We do not recommend ending it, ladies, because the person who can do it once can do it again

Why No-Contact Rule Always Works on Ex

Some people only figure this term out after breaking up with their ex. Their curious minds will make them question why the contact rule always works. 

Dr. clinical psychologist Lauren Cook said, “It helps both parties.” Furthermore, no Contact works because it gives both parties enough space to think clearly and heal from the wounds. Primarily, it gives you the time to think about why you even want the relationship in the first place. In every relationship, space is necessary. In most scenarios, the no-contact helps get your ex back. 

No Contact is Important After Breakup 

If you are recovering from a break-up, then the no-contact rule is just what you need. It keeps you from falling into the trap of “We can be just friends.” Remind yourself that you are breaking up for a reason. 

Most of the time, not reaching out to your ex helps you think clearly. It enables you to put that person down the pedestal. Because ladies, nobody is as important as you

Mystery of No-Contact Rule And Male

Man tends to hold their emotions. They do not usually express what they feel. They suppress their feelings. Man keeps himself busy to avoid their emotions. In the contact rule, when you do not reach out and cut any type of connection with him, he might not respond to you suddenly. 

In terms of psychology, we call it “reverse psychology.” Women start doing the same things as the males do. Let him taste the medicine he was giving you. 

Here are the 7 stages of how man reacts to no-contact.

Stage 1: He will consider his decision right. 

Stage 2: Think about you but suppress these thoughts.

Stage 3: He starts to worry about why you are not contacting him.

Stage 4: Starts finding a new girlfriend.

Stage 5: Look for the coping mechanism to deal with the emotions.

Stage 6: Realise what he lost.

Stage 7: Waiting for you to contact him or reach out to you. 

Remember, these stages only apply if the man really loves you. 

Get Your Stubborn Ex Back

The no-contact rule works for everyone, most of the time. Even when the ex is stubborn, it will take some time.
Watch this video of Coach Lee to find out how you can get your stubborn ex back. 

No-Contact Rule Experiences

If the no-contact rule ever works, we have picked some reviews from all over the internet of people sharing how it worked for them. 

  • Twenty-four years old, Sela said, “This one hundred percent helped me. I couldn’t go back to someone just because it was comfortable or because things got hard. Had I not cut things off completely, I would have gone back to him—or at least kept talking to him.” 
  • Katie, 28 years old, said, “I do it every time. Delete their numbers and unfollow them—no temptations! Suck out all the poison.” 
  • Kate, 21 years old, shared, “It definitely hurt more, but it allowed both of us to heal and grow without being tempted to fall back into things.”


When is the contact rule too late?

Experts recommend the duration of the no-contact rule within 60 days. A person usually fully develops a habit of anything in 40-60 days. It’s too late to apply the rule if it is more than 2 months. 

When does the contact rule not work?

The only condition when the no-contact rule does not work is your ex or the person you are trying to get back is not in love with you. Moreover, its a great favour for someone who puts himself in the position to lose you.

Is the no-contact rule a good idea?

A no-contact rule is always a good idea. Cutting off all the links with your ex may make him realize that you are not putting up with any low experience he is making you go through. After a breakup, it helps you recover quickly from all the traumas and wounds from the relationship. So it is good in both cases. 

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