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A Prince or a Beast┃Real life Fairy-tale

A Prince or a Beast. Have you ever felt so much love and pride for the ideal you have fantasized about in your mind for years?

Haven’t you craved perfect love? An ideal man …!

 An ideal,

 A crown prince, 

A brave, possessive man who will love you back, 

The love that every princess from fairytales deserves. Did not you crave a lavish life with your Mr. Right? Did not you plan for so many romantic dates and peaceful nights to be done with your prince? Have you ever considered having a small house full of love and joy and wanted to spend your life there? You even dreamed of falling in love with a handsome vampire, precisely what happened in the Twilight Saga series, or you were looking for a Mr. Grey who fell in love with an English literature student or many other vampire stories in which they fall in love with a girl who lives in a small street and living a below the average life. When you have read fairytales of Cinderella, Frozen Princess, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and others, did not you silently wish for a Mr. Prince for you? A fairy dress, so many cookies and sweets, candles, lights, sky lanterns, flowers, and trips across the clouds were part of your dreams.

High School Fantasies are Over Now

In high school, you have experienced things being a bit different from the fairytales you have fantasized about. Over time, you have learned that the girls you’re accompanying are the same as you are. All of you are trying to compete with each other, struggling hard to groom yourself to make yourself different and better from others. You’re flowing in the flood of fashion, modern life, and attitude. The game has begun because you want your prince to save you, love you, give your life full of love, and make all your wishes come true.

At this stage, you have met so many guys who are not the same as your ideal prince charming, but they could give you love and a promising future.

Yes! They want your body, not your soul. Love is a bit smaller than the body, and you keep going because you know someday you‘ll find one who would be exactly like all these fairytale stories. All the boys you have met are leaving you one by one because you’re losing interest in them, or maybe you’re not allowing them to cross the limit you have made for yourself because you can’t force them to be like you want.

After all, you have realized that they are all beasts and villains of the fairytales. They want nothing but you to do things they want; they don’t want you to be one for them, but yes, they want to conquer your body. They want to break your heart. They want to use your skills. They are taking you as their entertainment. Every one of them has their priorities. They want money, they want to fulfill their lust, they want pleasure or maybe they want to satisfy their inner manhood thoughts by putting an ordinary girl in a golden cage where they can control her life. This is happening because you’re allowing them to hold you while looking for a prince. A Mr. Perfect who would love you the way you want because you want to be treated like a princess. You are seeking a prince who would crown you and give you love like a princess. Did not you wish the same? I am telling you??

Did not you ask for it?

Have you dreamt about this?

Did not you?

The fairytale life you dreamt of

And then you met him one day. You met a man and you think this is the one I want. This man meets all your standards for a Prince Charming. This is a man who would love you back. Who would put a crown on your head? The man of your dreams! And you broke all your doors for him. You have caged yourself in his lavish and big castle, closed the doors, and stopped dreaming. You have stopped looking at yourself in the mirror. You are no longer looking for yourself because you have allowed him to control and rule over you. You’re no longer you because you have become him now. This is the life you have dreamt of. 

Like the Bluebeard who was the wealthiest man who had caged his 10 beautiful wives in his big castle and later murdered them, all the fairy frocks have blood spots, and candles and lanterns are burning your smiles and dreams and your soul is cracked, your all dreams are shattering on the floor. Your prince is humiliating you.

But then you learn that the Prince Charming and the bad guy you met are the same people. The prince and the beast from your fairytales are one person. The prince you have been longing for is a beast the princess is running away from. Now, what would you do?

Would you still love him like you wanted to do?

Every girl needs to understand that this world is slightly different from her fairytale life. In this world, we will not get a fancy life without earning money on our own and not get a prince with his actual words because the real face of the world is crueler, and love is more crucial. Not everyone is living for others. Some people will not change; hence, the next generations will not. So this time, there are more chances that the prince will turn into an evil black magic giant, or maybe the prince is himself a dragon who will try to control your life or break your heart or will force you to throw your dreams shattering on the floor or buried them in your heart. He might be a Bluebeard who would murder you because he wants a new girl to hunt, and you need to understand that you’re not a princess, and there is no magic in you that would turn a beast into a prince because man wants to change only when he wants to change.

A prince or beast_ Woah Woman

Love doesn’t always have a bright side. One side might be full of a fairytale environment and giving vibes of heaven, but very few know that love has a bad side too, where not everything is good and you will not find happy endings. On this side, every princess will cry and will die of pain and will be buried with her broken dreams and unfulfilled desires. Where all hearts would be broken and no one would be going to get a prince like Cinderella after the hardship of living with a stepmom and sisters. In this world, a sleeping princess will not be going to wake up because a prince will not come to kiss her and wake her, but a prince will come and will kill her while sleeping.

This time, care, love, and patience will not work, so if you think that a frog prince, dragon, or stone mannequin will turn back into a prince right after getting a kiss. Make yourself ready whether you accept this reality or want to leave it on the way. If you accept it, you need to know that you will love a person who will love you more but will put you in a cage with no doors or windows. He would prefer you over the thing, but other things are most important.

Now you have to think about what you’re going to do. Would you love both characters in a person, or will you leave this all at once? You have spent much of your life dreaming of the prince but never thought about a beast. So how would you deal with this beast who has a prince inside or maybe a prince who is a beast inside?

This is a real-life situation. What would you do?

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