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Taylor Swift is an inspiration

A woman with red lips and blond hair. Yeah, you got me right. I am talking about Taylor Swift. The inspiration to every woman out there. It is like she never fell down and still came back harder. Everybody says that Taylor is overrated. This is why I decided to let everyone know why she should be over-rated and why Taylor Swift Is a Mommy to young girls. 

It is been years since Taylor captivated the attention of her audience and made them die-hard with relatable lyrics and dedication to her work. Still, there is something else that made her an inspiration to all the girls – her love life. 

Let’s put the shine on Swift’s real-life stories and boost our self-confidence. Because nothing can stop a woman who loves herself and what she does to make a great life. 

Today, according to Forbes, Taylor Swift’s net worth is $1.1 billion, and she is 33 years old only.

About Taylor Swift As per the Internet

The star was born in 1989 in West Reading, Pennsylvania. She started taking lessons in singing and acting. Later, Taylor decided to pursue it in country music. The computer repairing guy taught her to play the guitar and helped her write her first song, “Lucky You.”

Many of you do not know that Taylor started modelling at the age of 13. After that, nobody could ever stop this young girl. 

Career Beginning

We are keeping it short because we wanted to list down the facts of why she should be an inspiration. 

So, Taylor used to spend 2 hours every Tuesday with songwriter Liz Rose after school. Taylor started working on her debut album and asked Nathan Chapman to produce her songs – smart. 

In June 2006, her first single, “Tim McGraw,” was released, and her self-named album came out later that year. 

Be Fearless – Taylor Swift

This is not only her music; there is much to know about why Taylor is a beacon of inspiration for young ladies. One of the core reasons that most of her fans are young girls is because she has been fearless from the start of her career. We can say, “Unapologetically herself.” 

In an industry where you must leave your true self to fit in, she never abandons her thoughts, beliefs, and identity. 

The motivation you get from her is to maintain your uniqueness and always be fearless in expressing yourself. 

Taylor Swift proves to be an ordinary girl with an extra-extraordinary brain. She has always been real, whether on the stage, in public, or with her broken heart songs like “All too Well” or the confidence boost like “Shake it Off” lyrics. Her every track resonated with the emotions and life challenges of growing up. She inspired a lot of young women to choose music and continue their passion.

A fan sharing how Taylor inspired her music career

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

 This woman has always been through a lot but shines bright like a star. Her power to bounce back makes her resilient and an inspiration for young girls.

When the public feud occurred in 2016 between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Swift’s reputation was utterly tarnished. In return, she released her album “Reputation,” which explained that she can turn anything into a power move. ‘

Taylor Swift’s resilience inspires young girls to believe that challenges and setbacks are part of life. We should take them as a new opportunity to create something more valuable. 

Advocate Female Empowerment

Throughout her career, Taylor became the voice for every issue she thought needed to be addressed. She raised her voice for gender equality, the pay gap, and women’s rights.

Her every song carries a deep meaning for the woman to always believe in their abilities and that no one can stop them from winning in life. 

She sent a powerful message to young girls by standing up for #MeToo that no one should tolerate sexual harassment and always stand up for yourself and pursue justice. 

Taylor Swift – A Philanthropist 

Besides all the super success, the woman is humble. She is known as a philanthropist. Sending a strong message by becoming an example that success is not a personal gain. You always have to give back something to improve the world. 

She has been doing charities, giving funds to help people, and supporting education. She is committed to making this world a better place.

Girl Supporting Girls

Taylor Swift and Salena Gomez Best Friends

Taylor is an example of why every young girl needs a female friend. Her close-knit circle of friends includes superwoman Salena Gomez and Lorde. In a world where female rivalry is typical, the Day Dream Girl inspires young ladies to support and lift each other, which demonstrates the power of solidarity in women.

For young girls, this is a valuable lesson from a star to build connections and empower each other. Success can be achieved while building authentic and positive relations. 

Commitment to Self-expression

Red lips and rosy cheeks, her ever-evolving style is an answer to why she should inspire you. Whether in music or fashion, she tells young girlies to find out their interest, passion, and personal style. 

Swift’s fashion choices and music expression are for self-expression without the fear of judgment. It illustrates the freedom that comes with embracing your creativity. 

Inspiration for Self-Discovery

The journey of growth and adulthood is a challenging phase. A human being tends to go through a lot. Taylor gives out the message to young girls through her songs that as we grow up, we learn and find the direction which is normal. 

Her music and early albums “Speak Now” and “Fearless” proved it, which explains coming of age, heartbreak, and love. “Lover” and “Folklore” is an examples of deep emotions and self-growth. Through her music, she teaches young girls how to accept change and process emotions. How to use their self-discovery to create new opportunities.

Taylor Swift’s song Blank Space lyrics just finely explain that a woman can be anything and do everything.

Taylor Swift’s Dating History

It’s a big topic and a great inspiration for every young girl out there. Tay took a lot of shit for dating the celebrities and writing songs about them, but it shows how honest, romantic, and a lover girl she is. 

We go through pain, heartbreaks, and a lot of mental sickness, which keeps us in bed for days. So many times, we, as women, are stuck on one person, and it ultimately stops our personal and professional growth.

Taylor Swift is living proof that you always get the better in the end. She is proof that life does not end in one person. You are still young, and you are going to meet a lot of people

According to Gracie Abrams “one of the blueprints for vulnerability as a young woman.” 

Taylor Swift dated the most handsome guys, went through breakups, and launched a new song that illustrates how you can use your pain to shape your better and brighter future. Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend 2024 is Travis Kelce, and we cannot stop ourselves from saying, “he is the most handsome one.” Let’s see how this one ends!

Here, you can see the list to tell yourself it’s okay if it did not work out. 

When Mommy can do it, we can too.

Taylor Swift is a mommy to young girlies
Boyfriend Dating Year
Joe Jonas2008
Taylor Lautner2009
Lucas Till2009
John Mayer2009-2010
Jake Gyllenhaal2010
Conor Kennedy2012
Harry Styles2012-2013
Calvin Harris2015-2016
Tom Hiddleston2016
Joe Alwyn2022
Travic KelceCurrent

In this world, where the community is narrowing down the young girls and shaping them into what society is, Taylor is encouraging them to be what they want to be. Pursue their dreams and stand up for themselves. She becomes the example for every little girl out there to write their own story and achieve whatever they want. Taylor Swift is truly an inspiration for girls, and her influence will continue to resonate with the coming generations. 

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