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The new year’s resolution is to look clean and hydrated. We know, that every year we make a list of things we want to stick to. The skincare routine is always on the priority list. People usually do not accept this part but physical appearance matters a lot. This is the first thing people see in you and this is the first thing you see in yourself whenever you look in the mirror. Every person wishes to have clear flawless skin but what are you doing about it? Any efforts? Any routine? Yeah, you need a skincare routine. This is why here, as a big sister, we are telling you the simple, and easiest 7 Skincare tips for you in 2024 to get clear and glowy skin.

Point to always remember, that real skin has pores, texture, and scars. The goal is to have a healthy skin, not a perfect one

Wash your face before bedtime

One thing to emphasize this new year is to wash your face no matter how tired you are. Sometimes, we feel so tired and lazy that we sleep wearing makeup. No!, We are not doing it in 2024. That’s the first mistake we make. Most makeup products are oil-based which can clog our pores and can also cause pimples. Sleeping with makeup can cause a lot of damage to your skin and face. 

You can even face rashes, swelling, or redness on your face. So it is advised to wash your face whenever you’re wearing makeup so that you can stop yourself from pimples and other skin problems.

Stay Hydrated

Remember, inner beauty reflects through outer beauty. So, remember, you glow differently when you are the happiest. Back to the subject. Yeah, obviously, water has always been an essential part of maintaining your life cycle. Dry skin can fade your natural color and can increase the splitting and cracking of your skin. It can also cause bleeding. The real glow comes when you are healthy inside. It is said that a human needs at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. This is because our body is dependent on water. All the reactions occurring in the body require water. 

If we stay hydrated, our bodies will automatically glow, and our faces will be flawless. There are fewer chances of acne and pimples if you take 6 or more glasses of water daily. Why not try Detox Water – add cucumber slices, mint leaves, and a few drops of lemon to add an extra glow.

 Use Sunscreen

Never miss it, we repeat – never. Usage of sunscreen is the easiest yet simple way to protect your skin from sunlight. Always use your sunscreen before going out, especially in summer. It protects your skin from UV radiation and dirt from your surroundings. Due to damage to the ozone layer, sunlight directly affects your skin, which makes your skin tan. It can also cause skin cancer so it’s very effective to add a good sunscreen to your daily routine.

Power of Good Moisturizer/Serum

Daily Skincare

It’s high time we realize the importance of a good moisturizer regardless if it’s winter or summer. Moisturizing lessens your chances of skin problems but at the same time using a moisturizer lot can make your skin oily too. So, it’s better to use a good moisturizer and in a suitable amount. Both conditions can lead your skin to acne, etc. So, it’s better to use a moisturizer in a suitable amount. Serum is another thing you can use instead of moisturizer. Use a good quality serum according to your skin type. Serums are the new talk of the town.

Right Skincare Products

The money you spend on the right skincare products is an investment. It is important to know your skin type because every product is made according to different skin types. If you have dry skin, then you should go for the oily product. And if you have oily skin, then you need to go for those types of moisturizers that have few or no oily supplements. Excess oil on your skin can lead to acne-type problems. Oily skin people should only go for oily cleansers. So, it’s better to buy products that are suitable for your skin. 

Confidence is the best makeup you can wear, but a little skincare never hurts

Natural Remedies Over Anything

In 2024, we are more focused on organic than chemical-based products. Natural skin care products are far better than chemical-based products. This is because chemical-based products contain chemicals that can cause severe problems to your skin. They can also react with your skin so it’s better to use natural products. Many natural things can shrink your skin’s pores, heal acne, and brighten it such as aloe vera, honey, milk, yogurt, etc. 

  • Honey helps you get flawless skin in no time. 
  • Use of aloe vera decreases your dark circle and this lessens the pigmentation on your face. 
  • Another natural remedy you can follow to get perfect skin is Turmeric. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that not only decrease the inflammation on your skin but also brighten up your skin.

Benefits of Rose Water

Can we add rose water as a toner to our daily routine? WE CAN! Rosewater is considered antibacterial. In other words, rosewater fights with the bacteria that can cause severe infections. Apart from beauty, rose water also prevents your wounds from getting affected. Rose petals, rose oils, and rose water contain some antioxidants that are powerful enough to protect the cells of the skin from being damaged or harmed. It can also be used as anti-aging water and reduces wrinkles that have appeared on your face due to age.

Eat healthy, look healthy

What you put inside your stomach matters more than what you put on your skin. Your diet is an essential key to looking radiant and fresh. Our body is created in such a way that whenever we eat healthy it shows up on our body and face. So this is why Eating healthy food is considered gold for the body. There are a lot of benefits to eating healthy food. Healthy food not only makes your body strong but also helps you to improve your physical appearance. 

In other words, physical appearance means our skin or face that is shown to everybody. Our skin depends on many vitamins etc that come from natural ingredients or food. For example, fatty fish, which has Omega 3 fatty acids in it that make your skin thick, moisturized, and soft. Another food that can fulfill your wish to get healthy good skin is Avocado.

Avocados contain many supplements which include Zinc, vitamin fatty acids, etc.

Daily Skincare Challenge Checklist

Daily Skincare To-Do Checklist

Wrapping Up!

We know, you lazy being. Get out of your comfort zone. Because real women always take care of themselves. This is the simplest thing that we can do. Every Woah Woman, is doing it with you. Water, moisturizer, sunscreen, and healthy eating, is there a lot to do? 2024, is your that-girl era!

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