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In the urge to become a queen

Human has a natural desire to become one who would have been known as number one. Everyman has claimed himself a ‘King’ so the women have started trying to achieve the title of ‘Queen’, and in the urge to become a queen of a king, she has to sacrifice her authentic self to attain power, success, or a position of authority and yes to please his man. Where Modern society is increasingly moving toward recognizing the importance of empowering women to be their true selves here are some ladies who have the urge to become queens and are sacrificing their dreams and goals in hopes of getting love from toxic relationships.

They say ‘keep it or leave it but don’t bear it so long‘ is a saying of someone who would have suffered or may not loved by someone. We often fall in love with people with different ideologies and different mindsets and then both parties don’t want to give up at any point and one of them suffers it more. It is heartbreaking to know that your partner is cheating on you or taking you for granted. In most relationships, women suffer most of the time. that is not because they are so loyal but in the urge to become queen and conquer a man normally put their lives in hell.

It hits a woman very hard

To a man, it is not a big deal to quit it and move ahead but for a woman, it is hardest because when a woman loves a man she helps him and supports him in every phase of his life. She thinks of herself as a queen who would become the most trustable companion throughout the phases of his king’s life. While making herself number one in the eye of her man a queen often loses her own value. In order to get the title of queen, a woman forgets how to learn the difference between prince and beast.

The most heartbreaking thing is maintaining a balance of normal life while knowing your partner’s secrets the effort is required to keep everything in the dark. to smile and look happy when your heart is torn into pieces and your insides are bleeding and to behave that everything is fine while doing daily chores, making love to each other that is not a normal person’s task. Only an actor or a woman who is deeply in love with his man can perform this. Shedding herself in order to perform it is like a role performed without an audience.

yes, some women have the courage to leave it at once but there are some who stick there in that toxic relationship and spend their whole life waiting that one day their man would be back becoming a normal and loveable one.

The Urge to Become a Queen, a Boss Lady

You lady need to understand that life is short and bearing it for long will not going to benefit you in any case. you would be dead one day and your man will not put flowers on your grave if he is not loyal to you in your life. You can become a boss queen by taking the steering of your own life’s wheel in your own hand. Leaving a toxic relationship is necessary to save your mental, emotional, and sometimes physical health. Here are some important reasons why leaving a toxic partner is crucial:

Mental Health

Toxic relationships can have an effect on your emotional and mental health. Constant negativity, manipulation, and abuse can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental problems.


Toxic partners often underestimate your self-esteem, and make you feel unworthy and unlovable. Leaving such a relationship can help you rebuild your self-confidence.

Physical abuse

In some cases, toxic relationships can turn into physical abuse. seek secure parameters are necessary.

Personal Growth

Toxic relationships can make a full stop of personal growth and prevent you from reaching your goals and achieving your dreams. Leaving allows you to focus on personal development.

Peace of Mind

Ending a toxic relationship can bring a sense of relief and peace of mind. It allows you to let go of constant stress and fear.

Self Independence

Leaving a toxic partner can empower you to regain your independence and make you make your own decisions by yourself. You regain control over your life.

Leaving a toxic partner can be difficult and challenging. it is the initial step toward creating a healthier and happier life for yourself. It’s important to seek support who can help you through the process. It is also an example for yourself and others that every woman deserves a healthy and respectful relationship. It can also prevent the normalization of toxic behaviors for future generations.

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