Posted on: October 22, 2023 Posted by: Ayesha Aamer Comments: 0

the memory of my




I am writing this



In busy life

When there is no way of going back

when I have traveled so far to become


looks like I have overcome my broken feelings

when there is no need of

Having someone else beside me

a sharp moment hits me and

take me back to my memories

sometimes a song pings my heart

so hard and

I start remembering my lost love

my dead love for you

I do miss your presence

here being with me

my body starts craving for your touch

my ears want to hear your voice once again

It’s not like I don’t feel okay

Or I do feel alone

Or lost

I am happy

Living full of my life

Having good and loving people around me

But still,

sometimes I do

Feel like

Someone inside me still

Mourns for you

Someone still craves your love

Someone inside me still loves you…

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