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8 Bookstore Date Ideas You Need to Know: Exploring Literary World Together

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. I always feel like I do not belong in this 21st century. It’s like I am more of Emily Bronte’s nineteenth century. Where people believe in holding hands and exchanging love notes in romance novels. So here I am sharing Bookstore Date Ideas: Exploring Literary World Together with you. Because if I am this way, I believe I have like-minded people in this universe. I know the world of books is on a whole new level and book lovers always get attracted to book lovers. So, let’s talk this out. I am going to share some ideas regarding bookstore dates. You let me know what you like and what you think. Where to go with your boyfriend? Go to a bookstore!

The Art of Choosing: Picking the Perfect Book Store Date

Before you jump into this literary escapade, it’s essential to understand each other’s reading preferences. Are you both fans of thrilling mysteries, heartwarming romances, or epic adventures? Take the time to discuss your literary tastes and find common ground. This sets the stage for successful literary date ideas.

Scavenger Hunt Amidst the Shelves

Inject some fun and excitement into your bookstore outing by organizing a bookish scavenger hunt. Create a list of book-related clues and challenges for your partner to solve. The winner can select the first book to explore together. It’s a playful way to keep the bookstore date engaging and interactive.

Second-Hand Book Store Date Idea

Make a list of thrift bookstores first. It totally depends on your time. I would suggest to go for the biggest bookstore in your area.
This one time, my ex and I went to this thrift bookstore, and we totally lost track of time. We find notes written on the back of the pages. The books were imported from other countries and what we find the most fascinating was cookbooks. The other cuisine recipes. It felt really connected to the people who we have never seen and never met. Because we all connect on the book level. Thrift bookstores are my top second-hand date idea. Dusty hands and enchanted hearts. 

Book Reading Date Idea

Listening to someone reading you a book is the most attractive part to me. It’s like you are bonding on a different level.
I am enrolled in Government College University Lahore, and it has this big Hogwarts-like library. My friend and I were doing an assignment when we started reading each other’s paragraphs. After some time, we both got so excited that we started exploring more books and skimming the chapters to read each other one paragraph. We laughed a lot. So basically, a Bookstore date is a great romantic date idea to bond with someone. 

Literary Romance Picnic

Look for a breezy evening in a local park, grab a bottle of wine, fill your basket with seasonal fruits, and add some cookies. I recommend you to get pastel color sheets to put on the ground.
It will be a cute romantic date idea. 

Settle down on this cute floral sheet and read your favorite book. 

Poetry Night Bookstore date

It’s a very lovey-dovey bookish date idea. In every country, book clubs organize poetry night events. You have to explore and find such clubs. Facebook and Google are the best places to search for such events. Make a list of such clubs and keep an eye out for poetry night. 

This is another literary date idea to connect on a book level.

You can discuss or share whenever you find a relatable verse. Share your feelings with your partner with poetry.

Literary Movie Date

You are snuggling on the couch with your partner with popcorn and a cozy blanket. This is the best romantic date idea to connect with your partner.
You can watch any of your movie adaptations of your favorite book. 

If I recommend romantic genre movies adapted from books which are my favorite. Here’s the list

  • Twilight Series
  • Fifty shades trilogy
  • After Series
  • The Fault in Our Stars

Later on, you can discuss the similarities and differences between the movie from the book.

Fairytale Reading Date

How Cinderella meets his prince or how the beast makes Belle make her fall in love with him. This is my all-time favorite bookish date idea.
Discuss what is your favorite genre. You might like romance and your partner might go for sci-fi.
Swap the books and then read them to your partner. Tell them what part of it you still fantasize about having. 

I always fantasize about how Belle falls in love with the beast. This has become a part of my personality now.

All and all, a Children’s book reading date is another way to connect with your partner’s childhood. 

Language Learning Bookstore Date

Once I went to the university’s library with my sister and we found this Chinese language learning book. We skim through the book and read some words. Obviously, the language is very alien to us. We laughed and later her classmates joined in. We laughed together. Laughing together is a different kind of intimacy.
This idea is unique, but this will take you to a different level of connectivity. Go to the language section and discover some new words with your partner

Bookstore Dates are Forever a Go

These book date ideas are tried and tested ones. It will always work out. If you are a book lover, then it is time to go on a literary date with your partner and friends. Bookstore dates are always new conversation starters, learning each other behaviors and why they picked the book.
So, if you are just starting to date someone, this is the best idea to start things

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